A View from the Bridge, Young Vic, further brief thoughts

some brief notes on A View after seeing it again...

minimalist staging allows room for thought and concentration

this is a production about a man who loves too much and can't let go... because letting go of something will reveal something else to him about himself?

it is about the will to power, which is prised out of Eddie?

is it about paedophilia or incest- no I don't think so
because it is not perverse..the interpretation of Eddie is not perverse..it does not even seem sexual
there is no sex there on stage between them
yes he touches her but there doesn't seem to be primary exclusive attraction to his niece
Eddie is not someone you can feel afraid of, he is not sadistic, he is not someone who seems to enjoy power over his niece although he does not want it removed
he is unaware of himself
his niece is afraid of his 'undefined' love but not him. not physically afraid. One does not, as an audience member, I don't think, feel afraid for Catherine. Or feel afraid of Eddie. This is not about sexual or even physical violence.
it can't be because it does not carry any undertone of abuse, fear or terror that comes with abuse and incest.

what is the interpretation here?
I have to admit to some confusion although I think this confusion is good
Mark Strong's Eddie is restrained. Introverted. Confused. Unable to locate Eddie within Eddie. Asexual? he won't have sex with his wife. He touches but does not seem to want to possess Catherine. What of the kiss with Rodolpho? Is Eddie actually gay? bisexual? and he does not know it or does and finds it let loose with Rodolpho? is this what the community cannot stand? not that Eddie betrayed Marco and Rodolpho but that he kissed Rodolpho and in doing so, revealed something of his own sexuality he did not know?
is this also homoerotic? is Eddie repressing homosexual feelings
I think yes

his relationship with his niece survives until Rodolpho because it suppresses her sex, it does not encourage it

the women do not understand

Rodolpho coming onto the scene opens it out, but instead of making this even more dangerous for Eddie, in terms of encouraging his own sexual attraction for her, only threatens the destruction of his own relationship with her

if Eddie does want to sleep with her, it is because that would symbolise his power over her?/

Beatrice is showing more awareness than I saw previously over Eddie's relations with the niece. But the awareness is confused because Eddie's motivation and intention seems confused

she does not know what she is losing and to whom, although she thinks knows

what she is losing is Eddie to men

think to the beginning of the play.. we have a slim, tall, sensitive Eddie, repressed, not masculine.. not sexual. 

at the end we have a physically extrovert, visceral and more primal albeit dying Eddie who is finally in touch with his inner self. At the cost of his life.
his masculinity [in crude terms] is unleashed but it is through fighting with men, and not through making love to women

We know that in Italy, family betrayers would be killed by their communities [at that time]. But Marco in this production is fervent when he says that Eddie humiliated his brother.

is this really about men? 

of course it is about other things.  immigration. hunger. depression. being an American. being a longshoreman. about what is law, moral law, natural law

but what is at its heart? eddie's journey, his self realising?